Vintage SciFi-Pornbook Gallery

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Tolle Galerie mit ein paar Covern noch tollerer SciFi-Pornobüchern.

When Harlan Ellison formed Nightstand Books for William Hamling in 1959, Hamling kept rigid control of the covers and the direction of his paperback books.

His editors, as well as a number of his writers, all came from a common background of science fiction and fantasy. As did Hamling himself, and Frances Yerxa Hamling, his wife. As did Raymond A. Palmer and Richard S. Shaver, his coincorporators. As did Milton Luros, Hamling's contemporary, colleague, and sometimes competitor. There had been numerous science fiction magazines in Hamling's past, most notably Imagination and Imaginative Tales. And all the work at The Porno Factory was carried on within what could be described as a science fiction atmosphere.

For many of these reasons, there was a constant attempt to insert some science fiction elements into some of the novels, or something at least a bit on the fantastic side. And, with each of these attempts, whenever Hamling would discover it, he would object and reinform us that our books were about real people doing real things and nothing fantastic or otherworldly could ever be allowed to interfere with that.

Did that stop us? No.

Wankering Through Time and Space (via Coudal)

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