DIY anamorphic Stephen Colbert Couch comes with algorithmic Prize

Eine Couch mit Stephen Colbert von Matt Charlan, kostet derzeit knapp über 2000$ und der Preis steigt, desto mehr Leute auf das Angebot bei Etsy aufschlagen. Forced meme is forced und das Model ist im Preis sehr wahrscheinlich nichtmal inbegriffen, aber immerhin hat er keinen Vader draufgemalt. Mehr Bilder und Making Of gibt's hier.

Stephen Colbert!!! I'm sitting on your face!

The couch creates a forced perspective, with the appropriate subject matter of Stephen Colbert... I must say, look at all the pictures, the face changes as you move about the room.

People will gravitate to the percise place in the room looking for where the face is most accurate. While you round them up make sure your finger is ready on the dead switch to the trap door to you basement where you keep all Colbert Couch huff puff nay sayers.

the price of the couch is automatically calculated using a sophisticated algorithm like Goldman used to inflate its assets (Way to drop $300 M on facebook, Goldman). The price is directly proportional to the number of people who look at this listing.

Stephen Colbert Couch (via Geekosystem)