Julian Assange Coloring Book

Julien Assange zum Ausmalen! Oben meine Version vom Staatsfeind Nummer Eins vor Sonnenuntergang in ländlicher Idylle.

Love him or loathe him, hero or villain, Julian Assange is probably the most talked about person alive today. WikiLeaks, with Julian as editor-in-chief, has caused quite the stir, and with mirror sites sprouting up around the globe, they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. "Collateral murder", "Cablegate", sexual misconduct charges against Julian in Sweden, calls for his assassination by the CIA, intrigue, suspense, and conspiracy theories - it all makes for pretty serious stuff.

So where does the Julian Assange Coloring Book fit in? Well, simply put, it's not "serious stuff". It's a coloring book about Julian Assange (with the occasional WikiLeaks page for good measure). Coloring in is fun and relaxing - try it and see!

Julian Assange Coloring Book (via Dangerous Minds)