Seattles Real Life Superhero

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Postings über Real Life Superheroes hatte ich hier schon jede Menge, diesmal geht's um Phoenix Jones aus Seattle und um die dortige JLA-Version namens The Rain City Superheroes, die sich nicht einfach nur in Spandex-Hosen knipsen lassen, sondern anscheinend wirklich ernst machen mit ihrem Superhelden-Ding, Phoenix Jones' Kostüm ist jedenfalls kugelsicher und er wurde einmal fast abgestochen, als er sich mit einem Dealer angelegt hat. Kick-Ass! Aus 'nem Posting vom November, wo er noch ein bisschen wie Michael Jackson aussah:

Phoenix was interviewed by detectives this month and came to police headquarters dressed in most of his costume, police said.

"(Phoenix) apologized for not being in full costume, as it was being repaired after (he) was stabbed while trying to intervene with a drug dealer and a citizen," the police bulletin stated, according to a police source.

The man was not seriously wounded during the incident under Interstate 5, and police say he may not have actually been wounded.

Now, police were told Phoenix wears body armor, a ballistic vest, arm and leg trauma plates -- and a ballistic cup. Police were apparently told that bulletproof vest helped stop a bullet during an incident in Tacoma a year ago.

Police alerted to 'superheroes' patrolling Seattle (via Marco)

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