You're an asshole for buying this: The Suckadelic Art Toy Universe

04.01.2011 Misc #Remix #Toys

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Die Mutter aller Toy-Remixe – Suckadelic aus New York – hat im Januar eine Ausstellung im Big Apple am Start. Suckenderweise sind zwei der drei Preview-Videos auf der Seite der Galerie geogefickt (sind aber eh nicht so der Brüller… hier das obere, hier das untere, das mittlere geht), dafür gibt es allerdings ein Suckadelic-Process-Comic namens Meet the Sucklord und den Ausstellungskatalog online.

The Boo-Hooray Gallery reluctantly announces the first SUCKADELIC retrospective gallery exhibition. Intentionally confusing, misleading, disappointing and really funny, the limited edition parodies of action figures reverberate with a vicious wit and are oddly eyeball-pleasing in the manner of all kinds of toothsome 20th/21st century collage and montage art.

The toys and their aggressively situationist piss-take packaging comment on pop culture commodification and the consumer habits of compulsively shopping kidults: The very process that made KAWS, Takashi Murakami, and Michael Lau art-stars on the Art Basel Miami/Armory Show/Venice Biennale tip.

One of the most respected despised and influential figures in the art toy movement for the past decade, the SUCKLORD has been producing handmade bootleg action figures in very limited runs, each selling out immediately. As the plot thickens, the work of the SUCKLORD is widely collected in fine art circles, and has been auctioned at Christie’s, Freeman's and Phillips.

This exhibition marks the first time the entire SUCKADELIC catalogue will be exhibited in one place.

You're an asshole for buying this: The Suckadelic Art Toy Universe (via Juxtapoz)

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