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Schönes neues Projekt von Pogo, der einmal um die Welt reisen will und seine Disney-Cutup-Technik auf Clips und Videos seiner Reisen anwenden will. Geld dazu sammelt er per Kickstarter, das erste Video des Projekts hat er grade veröffentlicht: „This is remix of sights and sounds that I filmed around the city of Johannesburg, South Africa. This marks the beginning of my World Remix project!“

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World Remix is my idea for an upcoming album which would expand upon my live-action remixing concept, first displayed to much fanfare in my track and video Gardyn. The goal of my project is to travel the world capturing sights, sounds, voices and chords, and use them to compose and shoot a track and video for each major culture of the world. It will be funded solely by you the listener, and will be released worldwide on CD, DVD, and on my website PogoMix.net. I am deeply inspired by the films Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi, and hope to produce the best cinematography and music I humanely can throughout each project. […]

Working with major labels, studios and corporations often carries with it a number of obligations which greatly affect the integrity and general direction of the project in question. Trying to turn my own idea into a mutually beneficial deal that preserves the integrity of the project is virtually impossible. Besides, remixing real people, cultures and religions carries the responsibility to properly represent someone's way of being. My world remix concept has peaked the intrigue of various labels, studios and TV channels -- but as always with corporate deals, the dollars come with strings attached. In reality, the album would likely be skewered towards night-life and commercialized metropolitan districts. It would stray completely from my initial concept, and wouldn't make for compelling material even if I did sell out.

The world remix project is going to employ a unique method of funding -- an incremental finance structure. Every track will be financed by the funds generated from sales of the track before it, and by prepayments for the track next to be released. so to put it quite literally, you the listener will be the sponsor! In a nutshell, if you purchase track #001, it sends me and my crew to our next destination to produce track #002.

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