Psychedelic Strains of Star Wars-themed Marijuana

(Youtube Direktskywalker, via Digg)

Blastr hat eine Liste mit „20 psychedelic strains of Star Wars-themed marijuana“. Oben ein Video-Review des Skywalker Ganjas, Snip:

Despite Carrie Fisher's recent acknowledgment of cocaine on the set of The Empire Strikes Back, we're pretty sure that everyone on the right side of the Force would tell you to just say no to drugs. (With the exception of Han Solo, who'd probably tell you're to just say no to smuggling drugs on any ship other than the Millennium Falcon.)

However, if you were a medicinal marijuana patient in Southern California in 2010, then chances are your dreadlocked "budtender" sent you home with at least a gram of Skywalker OG. (We'd like to see Lucasfilm deal with THAT little nug of copyright infringement!)

20 psychedelic strains of Star Wars-themed marijuana

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