Psychopathology of the Hippies

Mindhacks hat ein tolles Buch des kolumbianischen Psychiaters Miguel Echeverry ausgegraben, der in den Siebzigern ein Buch über eine Geisteskrankheit geschrieben hatte, die sich in langen Haaren und Joints äußert: Psicopatologia y Existencia del Hippie (Psychopathology and Existence of the Hippy).

Hier seine Definition eines echten Hippies:

The true hippy is an individual with a frank disposition to hereditary psychopathology, who has abandoned himself, has totally neglected his hygiene and self-presentation, has let his hair and beard grow, is dressed bizarrely, eccentrically and ridiculously, wears a multitude of rings, necklaces, beads and other extravagances, is opposed to all defined and purposeful social and family structures now and in the future, rejects productive and redeeming work, irresponsibly and cynically promotes the cult of free love, aggressively promotes contempt for moral, social and religious conventions, preaches paradoxically about the abolition of private property, harmfully drugs them self with marijuana, LSD, amphetamines, hypnotics, mescaline, psylocybin, sedatives and heroin etc to rebelliously and insanely avoid the sad realities of life.

Und die fünf Sub-Hippiegenres:

The book contains not a single reference to any scientific or clinical study, although is happy to wax lyrical about the subgroups of the hippy mental illness. Apparently, there are five: hippies with defective personal relationships and autistic-like problems, aggressive hippies, hippies with defective behaviour and poor family adjustment, emotionally impaired hippies, and those with abnormal, perverted or inverted instincts.

Ich würde mich selber spontan allen fünf Subkategorien anschließen und die Definition passt auch. Toll!

Treating the madness of the hippies (via io9)