Miracle on 22nd St

26.12.2010 Misc #Kids #Xmas

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(Vimeo Direktmiracle, via Doobybrain, Neatorama)

Jim und Dylan leben in Manhattan und bekommen seit ein paar Jahren an Weihnachten hunderte Briefe von Kindern, die an den Weihnachtsmann gerichtet sind. Keiner weiß wirklich, warum, wahrscheinlich aufgrund dieses Artikels aus dem Jahr 1998. Was macht man also mit hunderten Briefen von Kids an den Weihnachtsmann? Richtig: Man startet eine Aktion über Facebook und lässt die Wünsche der Kinder wahr werden. With love from Santa. Aaaaaaw!

When I walked into the room, I saw what looked to be hundreds of letters tied into small bundles with red and green yarn. I looked closer at the stacks; they were all addressed to Santa. These were letters with Jim and Dylan’s exact 22nd Street address, including “Apt. 7,” but all addressed to Santa Claus.

Jim did his best to explain. He told me that for the past few years, he and Dylan had received a few letters addressed to Santa and had always assumed it was because of a mistaken address. They ignored them. But this year, the tally was nearing 400 letters — with 20 to 40 new ones arriving each day. They had done every Internet search they could think of trying to link their address to something that might explain it, like the Postal Service or Macy’s, but they had come up with nothing.

He did not know why; he did not know how. He just knew that they were sitting on hundreds of letters to Santa and that the ones he had opened had moved him so much, he had to do something about it.

Santa left a Forwarding Address: The North Pole