Motorcycle Graveyard, Lockport NY

Vor ein paar Monaten sind auf Flickr ein paar tolle HDR-Bilder einer verlassenen Garage voller uralter Motorräder aufgetaucht, im September ist ein Mensch namens Dynamite Dave da hingefahren und hat die Story dazu aufgeschrieben.

The buildings are trashed, stuff is everywhere. We didn’t know if there were homeless people in the building, kids in there messing around, or if the owner of the motorcycles was in there or would come at anytime so we went slowly. There were small hints that there were motorcycles in there with a gas tank here and a beat up motorcycle frame there. The door to the building that had the motorcycles was open a few inches and I could see a motorcycle leaning against the wall. I opened the door slowly and went in. This was the basement of the building, it was damp, musty and very dark and of course I didn’t have a flashlight. I used the flash on my camera to see in the darkest areas. The basement was full of old rusty bikes that nearly rusted away from the moisture in the air.

There was a set up stairs that looked like they were just days from crumbling. I lightly walked upstairs and opened the door and that’s where my jaw dropped.

Flickr-Set: Pictures from the motorcycle graveyard in Lockport, NY, Dynamite Dave: Motorcycle Graveyard, Lockport NY - Sept.-Oct. 2010 (via Coudal)