Stormtrooper Super Shogun Xmas-Greetings from 1978

Die Designer des Stormtrooper Super Shogun wünschen frohe Weihnachten mit einer ganzen Serie von Anzeigen.

“On that alternate Earth, kids actually were able to wake up on Dec. 25th and find the Stormtrooper Super Shogun waiting to be unwrapped under their tree,” said Frank Supiot, of San Francisco toy company Super7, which makes the $300 collectible. “This portfolio of images captures history that never occurred but should have.”

In Super7’s Christmas-themed ad campaign, the 2-foot-tall toy — which is a mashup of classic Star Wars action figures and vintage Japanese Shogun Warriors robots — makes an appearance in a series of warm-and-fuzzy photos supplied by Star Wars fans.

Stormtrooper Super Shogun Time-Travels to Christmas Past

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