OK GOs Damian Kulash: The New Rock-Star Paradigm

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Damian Kulash, Sänger von OK Go, hat im Wall Street Journal einen langen, guten Artikel über den Stand des Musikbiz im Jahr 2010 und den Erfolg ihrer Selbstvermarktung, seit dem sie sich 2009 von ihrem Label trennten. Oben nochmal ihr letztes Viral, ein paar ihrer besten Videos nach dem Klick, because I go.

My band parted ways with the record label EMI a little less than a year ago. While we were profitable for them, our margins were smaller than those of more traditionally successful bands, because our YouTube views don't directly generate as much revenue as record sales. Our idea of what constitutes success and how to wring income out of it eventually wound up too far apart from EMI's.

Now when we need funding for a large project, we look for a sponsor. A couple weeks ago, my band held an eight-mile musical street parade through Los Angeles, courtesy of Range Rover. They brought no cars, signage or branding; they just asked that we credit them in the documentation of it. A few weeks earlier, we released a music video made in partnership with Samsung, and in February, one was underwritten by State Farm.

We had complete creative control in the productions. At the end of each clip we thanked the company involved, and genuinely, because we truly are thankful. We got the money we needed to make what we want, our fans enjoyed our videos for free, and our corporate Medicis got what their marketing departments were after: millions of eyes and goodwill from our fans. While most bands struggle to wrestle modest video budgets from labels that see videos as loss leaders, ours wind up making us a profit.

The New Rock-Star Paradigm – Succeeding in the music business isn't just about selling albums anymore. The lead singer of OK Go on how to make it without a record label (treadmill videos help) (via OK Go)