Motiondesigndrop: Björk, Noah Kalina, Galileo, Liquid Sculptures

(Vimeo Direktschön, via cpluv)

Oben erstmal der Opener für das WDR-Kurzfilmfestival „Kurz und Schön“ von Error One. Trotz SloMo und mich eigentlich in anderen Sachen eher nervender Lahmarschigkeit superawesome. Warum, sieht man, wenn man ihn sieht. Mehr Animationen und Kurzfilme nach dem Klick.

Water Sculpture by Shinichi Maruyama

(Vimeo Direktwater, via Kottke)

Aus einem Interview bei Morning News:

How does your work as a photographer relate to traditional Japanese painting and calligraphy?

The only art series of mine that has been inspired by Japanese traditional calligraphy is Kusho. As a young student, I often wrote Chinese character in sumi ink. I loved the nervous, precarious feeling of sitting before an empty white paper, the moment just before my brush touched the paper. Those childhood moments have undeniably influenced my work in that series, however, my respect for the Japanese ability to find the beauty in the imperfect (the essence of wabi-sabi) is the main source of inspiration that is found throughout all of my work.

Björk 'Innocence' by Passion Pictures

(Vimeo Direktbjörk)

Dueling Cameras by lonelysandwich

(Vimeo Direktcameras, via Laughing Squid)

„Noah Kalina and Adam Lisagor, locked in battle.“

Helios by Juan Behrens

(Vimeo Direktgalileo, via KFMW)

“Galileo was not the first person to invent the telescope but was the first to turn one toward the night sky“

During the 17th century, the Roman Catholic church believed that the earth was the center of the universe and people who tried to prove them wrong were in danger of being accused of heresy. Helios is the story of how an idea found his innovator, triggering a series of consequences in time. The date is 1609, Italy, late night at Galileo Galilei’s workplace watching the sky, studying celestial bodies focusing on the moon. He prepares to see this unexplored world with his customized telescope while some of his sketches and notes rest on the floor. After a gentle approach to the telescope, he sees the moon through it, a celestial body full of enigmas and intriguing for any human eye. After a moment, a bright light invades his scene but he does not notice it. This light resembles the silhouette of the invention, this enigmatic form splits into three muses.

These three muses approach Galileo and start touching his back, rest next to him and point to the sky. Galileo start watching the moon different, he start spotting data out from the moon he did not see before, now he seems to understand how the moon works and why. He draws what he sees, prepares himself to present this to the cardinal Bellarmine at the church proving that the earth is not the center of the universe but orbits around the sun just like the moon around the earth.

Galileo’s discovery fundamentally alters the way humans perceive themselves in the cosmos.

ToyLife by Tony Zagoraios

(Vimeo Direkttoys, via KFMW)

Netter Kurzfilm für 'ne griechische Kinderorganisation, die gebrachte Spielzeuge an Kids verteilt: „If you dont take it your self,It will never get there on its own.
Donate your old toys to those children who need them more. More info at

Meet the Geeks: Short Film by Sano Sagara

(Vimeo Direktgeeks, via Minds Delight)

„Meet the geeks is a Talking head Motion graphics piece representing some of the actual geek culture nowadays. Our inspiration for the creation of this piece are the old instructional videos. It is a work done for Vancouver Film School by me (Sano) and Luis Francisco.“