Frohe Weihnachten!

23.12.2010 Misc #Comics #Xmas

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Ich verabschiede mich in die Feiertage, das Netz schläft jetzt sowieso ein und es passiert die nächsten Tage eher wenig. Ich wünsche allen Leser ein super Weihnachten und ein ganz frohes Fest, lasst Euch reich beschenken und haut rein, bis die Schwarte kracht. Ich habe ein paar wenige Sachen vorbereitet, die per Autobot gepostet werden, nix tagesaktuelles natürlich, ein paar Comicreviews und einige Kleinigkeiten. Ich mach' jetzt 3 Tage lang genau: Nix. And you should too! Feiert schön!

Bild oben via Golden Age Comicbook Stories, wo sie ganze Serien toller, alter Weihnachtsillus und Comics gepostet haben, hier ein paar: MAD – Artwork by Don Martin, Mort Drucker, Wally Wood & Kelly Freas, Galaxy Science Fiction – The Christmas Covers ~ 1951-1961, ...and all through the house... from The Vault of Horror #35, Coca-Cola Ads ~ 1934-1962, Little Annie Fanny – Playboy Magazine ~ December/1963, hier außerdem noch Santas erster Filmauftritt aus dem Jahr 1898 und hier Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (1964) - Full Movie.

Und dann noch: McSweeneys SANTA'S PRIVACY POLICY.

Santa Claus requires your information in order to compile his annual list of Who is Naughty and Who is Nice, and to ensure accuracy when he checks it twice. Your information is also used in connection with delivering the kinds of goods and services you've come to expect from Santa, including but not limited to toys, games, good cheer, merriment, Christmas spirit, seasonal joy, and holly jollyness.

What Information Do We Collect?
We obtain information from a variety of sources. Much of it comes from unsolicited letters sent to Santa by children all over the world listing specific items they would like to receive for Christmas. Often these letters convey additional information as well, such as the child's hopes and dreams, how much they love Santa, and which of their siblings are doodyheads.

The letters also provide another important piece of information—fingerprints. We run these through databases maintained by the FBI, CIA, NSA, Interpol, MI6, and the Mossad. If we find a match, it goes straight on the Naughty List. We also harvest a saliva sample from the flap of the envelope in which the letter arrives in order to establish a baseline genetic identity for each correspondent. This is used to determine if there might be an inherent predisposition for naughtiness.