Musicvideos: jj, PJ Harvey, Unkle, Mogwai

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Oben erstmal das sehr schön animierte Video zu Sam Prekops „The Silhouettes“, viel mehr Clips nach dem Klick.

Bag Raiders - Sunlight

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jj – Let Them

(Vimeo Direktthem, via Audioporn Central)

Unkle – Runaway (Pointman Re-edit)

(Youtube Direktrunaway, via Polkarobot)

A collaborative creation from Unkle and director John Nolan - a robot based on Futura's Pointmen from the Psyence Ficton and Never Never Land albums.

Mogwai - How to Be a Werewolf (in Thirty Century Man)

(Youtube Direktwerewolf, via Testspiel)

Sharpie Crows - Sheepskin

(Youtube Direktskin, via Videos)

The Pack a.d. - Crazy

(Youtube Direktcrazy, via Videos)

The Dø - Slippery Slope

(Vimeo Direktslippery, via Videos)

PJ Harvey - The Last Living Rose

(Youtube Direktrose, via Stereogum)

The New Pornographers - Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk - for Oxfam America's Gulf Coast Recovery

(Youtube Direktsweettalk, via MeFi)

The New Pornographers and Oxfam America collaborate to bring you their new music video for the song "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" (from The New Pornographers' album "Together"), which was shot on Louisiana's Gulf, and features local residents still reeling from the recent BP oil spill. Join us and take action to make sure that businesses don't just deliver "sweet talk" and respect people's rights at

The Oners - The Night Is On The Go

(Youtube Direktkottke, via Electru)