Iron Sky Police-Brutality

(Youtube Direktwhat?!)

Ich habe keine Ahnung, was ich hieraus machen soll: Das Filmteam von Iron Sky, dem netzfinanzierten Film über Nazis auf dem Mond, wurde gestern nacht ohne Grund von Polizisten in Frankfurt zusammengeschlagen. Entweder handelt es sich hierbei um eine sehr geschmacklosen Viral-Idee oder aber WTF?!

Here’s what happened: the remaining three troopers of Iron Sky crew (we specifically do not want to reveal their names – so even if you know who we are talking about, please don’t shout their names to the net) were sipping their drinks in the wee hours of morning, when suddenly the door was slammed open, and four or so coppers and police dogs rushed in. They grabbed our team members very damn brutally, and manhandled them out on the street, smashing the Australian guy face first into the concrete. Then they handcuffed him, and started kicking him while he was on the ground. The other guy – a Finn – tried to stop them and find out what was going on, but he was put down on this knees, and when he tried to get up, the last thing he remembers is a police coming at him fast, before he woke up in an ambulance with a headwound.

After the police had more or less kicked everyone’s arse, they told the guys to go to the ambulance that had appeared in the scene. And then they left.

Police Brutality in Frankfurt (via Indymedia, danke Lisa!)

[update] Alles nicht weiter tragisch. Nur das Standardvorgehen, wenn ein paar Leute zu lange in einer Bar sitzen. WTF?! Von Robert:

I am living in Frankfurt and read the story today. Since i am quite good contacted via social media i was asking via Twitter the official press office of Frankfurt (@Stadt_Ffm). The responsible guy answered me quickly by mail and here is the view by the police:

3. It was Saturday morning 04:45, 15 minutes before the closing hour. The film crew didnt “accepted” the information that the bar was ready to be closed and started a rampage. So the bar members called the police which quickly appeared at the bar.

The police tried to accomplish the crew out of the bar, but as it seems the film crew wasnt that cooperative. One guy, the australian guy, must have been drunken so the police forced the australian guy to leave. During that the police took some forced actions so therefore the australien crew member get some bruises (see the above mentioned posting it says the same).

The second crew member from Finland tried to help the australian member forced down onto the concrete in front of the bar. One of the police crew bumped the guy from Finland by his flat hand. By the bumper the Australian felt backwards and got an injury on his head (see the above mentioned posting). The police is reporting that the injured person was heavily drunken. Which would explain the injury incident.