Tourette Karaoke sings the Real Life Hampster Dance in a Quadruplet of WTF

Real Life Hampsterdance mit Hampsterdance-Musik, Google Earth-Skydiving, Coin-Pixel-Stopmotion, Lego Black Ops und ein Tourette Karaoke Duett-Cover von The Pogues' „Fairy Tale of New York“ nach dem Klick.

Google Demo Slam: Skydiving via Japan Probe, Katie the Hampster Dance (actually with the Hampster Dance-„Music“) via Arbroath, Lego Black Ops via Reddit, Insert Coin (Machinima) via Like Cool.

Bonustrack: Tourettes Karaoke Christmas Surprise! The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl 'Fairy Tale of New York' (via Testspiel, danke Gilly!)

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