Portal Done Pro - Speedrun in 9:25 Minuten

11.12.2010 Games Misc #Portal

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(Youtube Direktportal, via Waxy)

Hier spielt einer Portal in unfassbaren 9:25 Minuten durch, allerdings nicht am Stück. Das Video ist das Ergebnis von 2 Jahren Arbeit und ein Zusammenschnitt seiner schnellsten Levels: „I completed the first segment on September 13, 2008, 06:12 AM and the last segment on July 03, 2010, 08:32 PM. Almost 2 years of working on this.“ Außerdem nutzt er einige Bugs im Game aus. Dennoch: Impressive. Most impressive!

This is it... Portal Done Pro. I, DemonStrate, beat Portal for the PC in under 10 minutes. From when I get out of bed, to the time I drop the final personality core into the furnace, the time is 9:25.567. It is the current world record for Portal completion time.

Much of the speedrun is sitting in the elevator. I have not calculated yet how much time I waste waiting for the elevators, but I'm sure it is probably a majority of the time. I segmented the speedrun per map. This means when the game says, "Loading...", it is loading a new map, and I save the game and load from there. The only exceptions are Chambers 02 and 13.

This speedrun uses a majority of the glitches in the game. Unfortunately, it does not use the acute angle glitch, which might be the most useful glitch in the game, if used correctly. All other glitches are explained in my series of commentary videos here: Portal Done Pro - Commentary Video.