Marijuana Xmas-Tree

10.12.2010 Misc #Drugs #Xmas

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High Christmas in Koblenz, da haben sie eine Weihnachts-Marijuanapflanze hochgenommen (nachdem sie noch dazu 150 Gramm Gass gefunden hatten). Und in München hat einer einen Haschisch-Adventskalender gebastelt. Christmas, up in smoke!

"The marijuana plant had been put in a Christmas tree stand and decorated with a string of lights," officers said in a statement, according to the AFP. "When asked, the hashish fan told the perplexed officers that he had intended to add more decorations to the 'tree' and place the presents under it, according to tradition." Times Live reports that 150 grams of marijuana had been found in the man's home in Koblenz before the tree was discovered.

Turns out he wasn't the only German getting into the Christmas spirit with cannabis this year. On Tuesday, a 21-year-old Munich man was reportedly arrested after making an Advent calendar with marijuana hidden behind each door instead of chocolate.

Marijuana Christmas Tree Seized In Germany (via Dangerous Minds)