Wikileaks Open Thread: Inside the cables party scene

Weil heute mal wieder mit massenhaft News zu Wikileaks zu rechnen ist, wahrscheinlich eine interessanter als die andere, und ich jetzt erstmal unterwegs bin: Hier ein Open Thread, in dem Ihr Links und News zum Thema posten könnt. Hier zum Beispiel der Link zu WikiLeaked, einer Website von Foreign Policy, die sich einzig mit einzelnen Leaks der Plattform beschäftigt, die in Kontext setzt und journalistisch aufbereitet. Mein Highlight von dort: Inside Saudi Arabia's party scene (via BB).

Alcohol, though strictly prohibited by Saudi law and custom, was plentiful at the party's well-stocked bar, well-patronized by Halloween revellers. The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using "sadiqi," a locally-made "moonshine." While top-shelf liquor bottles were on display throughout the bar area, the original contents were reportedly already consumed and replaced by sadiqi … It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact "working girls," not uncommon for such parties. Additionally, though not witnessed directly at this event, cocaine and hashish use is common in these social circles and has been seen on other occasions.

[update]A Letter from Anonymous – Our Message, Intentions, and Potential Targets: „The recent news of our campaigns has been, at best, misinformed. Anonymous is not always the same group of people. The Constitution of the United States is said to be a living document, because it can be edited, amended; changed at the will of the people to suit the peoples' needs. In that same vein, Anonymous is a living idea. Anonymous is an idea that can be edited, updated, remanded, changed on a whim. We are living consciousness.“

Wo kommen die meisten Wikileaks-Mirror her? Aus Deutschland. (via @itst)

Amazon verkauf eine digitale Ausgabe der Cables, die sie nicht hosten wollten. Aus einem Review: „Wikileaks was not good enough to be hosted on your network BUT their cables are worthy enough to be sold (for profit) by you? Of course, master card, pay pal and visa would allow the payment for this product.“ (via @wolfgang_p)