Real Life 2001-Monolith Actionfigure is full of Stars

09.12.2010 Misc Movies #Toys

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Nach dem Einhornfleisch in Dosen ist die Monolith-Actionfigur der nächste Aprilscherz, den Think Geek in Real Life produzieren ließ. Für nur 15 Dollar gibts ein Stück evolutionsanschiebendes, außerirdisches Artefakt aus „semisynthetic, organic, amorphous, solid materials (AKA plastic)“.

We think the Monolith Action Figures were left by some ancient, extra-galactic, action figure intelligence. We believe, based on our tests (including pH, electromagnetic, and taste) these Monolith Action Figures will eventually cause other action figures to evolve. We're not sure if that means gaining better accessories and articulation, or becoming sentient. Either one is cool in our book. The Monolith Action Figure looks great on your desk, wall, or shelf, and will definitely be the most talked about toy in your collection.

Its real: Space Monolith Action Figure (via Topless Robot)