WookieLeaks leaks ChewbaccaGate!

Genau wie schon bei den Leaks der Afghanistan-Dokumente geht auf Twitter auch jetzt wieder die #WookieLeaks-Meme um. Anscheinend haben einige Verbündete der Rebellen gemeinsame Sache mit dem Imperium gemacht, das zumindest geht aus den Depeschen hervor, die auf Twitter verbreitet werden. I have a very bad feeling about this.

Ein paar meiner Favs:

@mcjellyjamz: Admiral Ackbar was in fact briefed about the trap long before the fatal attack.

@miked0273: Jedi order covers up vigilante apprentice's murderous spree in Sand People village. Women and children slaughtered.

@Han_Shot_1st: Post battle data shows Lando Calrissian had the auto-pilot on the entire time during the Battle of Endor.

@rnormand: New video evidence proves footage showing Greedo shooting first was doctored. Jabba seeks compensation. Solo has no comment.

@jamesseddon: Chewbacca privately told rebel leaders that Yoda was 'out of his depth'.

@nickjane: Galactic Empire covers up Emperor's gaffe by officially making a parsec a unit of time, not distance.

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