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Interessante Fashion-Shots in einem japanischen Love Hotel („A love hotel (ラブホテル, rabu hoteru) is a type of short-stay hotel found in Japan operated primarily for the purpose of allowing couples privacy to have sexual intercourse.“ Wikipedia)

Lagoi & Lace schreiben mir:

Hello Nerdcore, we are the artist duo Ralph Lagoi & Kate Lace and we would like to introduce you to our latest project 'Love Land Invaders'.

'Love Land Invaders' was shot in Japan's stunningly decorated love hotel rooms. This fashion-art photo-series includes masks, jewelry, clothing and wild accessories which we designed and created especially for the 'Love Land Invaders'. Everything came together to become 'luxurious pop': vibrant colors, iconic characters in extraordinary poses and visual lust.

We thought our project might be of interest for you and your blog. Take a look at the 'Love Land Invaders' on our official website.

For easy and fast viewing of the pictures you could also use our flash-free basic HTML version here.

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