The Vice Guide to Everything Preview-Episode

(MTV Direktvice, via Laughing Squid)

Den Trailer zu The Vice Guide To Everything hatte ich neulich schon, heute nacht ist Premiere der ersten Episode auf MTV. Als Preview haben sie Episode 2 bereits online gestellt: „North Korea, Russian Mobsters, Border Crossings and Dating A Girl In A Burqa“.

When Vice magazine first started, all it cared about was sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll. But as it started traveling around the world, it got more into politics, culture, fashion, art, the environment. Basically, everything. And this is that - The Vice Guide To Everything. It's a series about the absurdity of the modern condition: the most interesting people, news, sub-cultures and rituals on the planet. It's the stuff you don't get from the mainstream media but that you absolutely need to know- and won't stop talking about.

The Vice Guide to Everything