Henry Rollins and the Warrior Gene

(Explorer Direktviolence, via Stereogum)

Henry Rollins geht in der nächsten Folge der Serie Explorer von National Geographic auf die Suche nach dem Warrior Gene, einer Genmutation, die für gesteigerte Gewaltbereitschaft verantwortlich sein soll, und vergleicht das mit seinem eigenen Leben voller Violence. Oben ein Preview auf die Folge, ein weiterer Clip mit Rollins bei einer Biker-Gang gibt's bei National Geographic.

Explorers Inside the Warrior Gene examines some scary new science that links a single gene with violent behavior. Ex-punk rocker, turned commentator, Henry Rollins has struggled with feelings of aggression his whole life. Hes on a mission to find out if his rage is the product of his upbringing or if its in his genes. Henry recruits a colorful cast of characters in his quest for the truth: Outlaw bikers, mixed martial arts fighters, Buddhist monks, gang-bangers and the most aggressive NFL linebacker of them all, Dick Butkus. A DNA test reveals which of them carries the Warrior Gene and the results provide an extraordinary insight into the human psyche. This gripping human journey seeks to answer some of mans oldest questions like who are we and who controls our destiny?