Malcolm McLarens Justice League: Comic Punk-Remixes

Fantastisches Thema für den Illu-Contest in Warren Ellis' White Chapel-Forum: Die Justice League im Punk-Remix, das Filmplakat für einen imaginären Malcolm McLaren-Film (via Superpunch). Weil die Ergebnisse wie immer in jedem Contest von Murks bis Weltklasse reichen, oben mein absolutes Highlight und weitere Favs nach dem Klick. Ganz großes Kino!

In 1975, while promoting the New York Dolls, Malcolm McLaren got some people from DC incapably drunk and walked off with a two-year license on one of their properties. Went back to London, changed the shop name from SEX to SEDITIONARIES, then said, "here, Viv, you reckon we could blag fifty grand off someone to make a fillum?"

1977. London. You have been tasked with producing the poster for Malcolm McLaren's JUSTICE LEAGUE film.

What does that look like?