George Carlin – You Are All Diseased

(Googlevideo Direktgeorge, via Noplacetohide)

Wo grade Leslie Nielsen viel zu früh gestorben ist, hier George Carlins Show „You Are All Diseased“, bemerkenswerterweise aus dem Jahr 1999 und derzeit vor allem für die ersten paar Minuten interessant, in denen er sich dem Unterhaltungswert des Terrorismus widmet. And he’s got a fucking point there, folks. Außerdem unbedingt den Religionsrant ab Minute 51 anschauen.

George Carlin ist ja auch viel zu früh vor zwei Jahren gestorben und ich habe dieses Jahr aus irgendwelchen Gründen seinen Todestag verpasst. Deshalb nachträglich: Fuck you too! RIP George!

You have got to be realistic about terrorism. Ya gotta be a realist: Certain groups of people – muslim fundamentalists, christian fundamentalists, jewish fundamentalists, and just plain guys from Montana – are going to continue to make life in this country very interesting for a long, long time. That’s the reality. Angry men in combat fatigues talking to god on a two-way radio and muttering incoherent slogans about freedom are eventually going to provide us with a great deal of entertainment.

Especially after your stupid fuckin’ economy collapses all around you, and the terrorists come out of the woodwork. And you’ll have anthrax in the water supply and sarin gas in the air conditioners; There’ll be chemical and biological suitcase bombs in every city, and I say, “Relax, enjoy it! Enjoy the show! Take a fuckin’ chance. Put a little fun in your life.”

George Carlin on Terrorism