/afk: Machinima about WoW-Addict becoming a Dragonslayer

(Youtube Direktwow)

(Youtube Direktdragons, via Superlevel)

Schöner Kurzfilm von Benjamin Dressler über einen WoW-Addict, der, bevor er seinen Charakter löschen will bzw. soll, einmal einen Drachen erledigen will. Toll gespielt und für Gaming-Shorts fett produziert (ohne dafür irgendein Budget zu haben). Aus einem Interview mit Dressler auf Joystiq:

What's been the most challenging and enjoyable parts of this particular project? Were there aspects you'd never had to tackle in previous projects?

The most exciting thing about "/afk" for me is and was that I don't really know any project that went so far in mixing machinima and real film footage. There is a fantastic Dutch movie called BenX that used footage from Archlord, and there is of course that awesome South Park episode. But I would dare to say that we pushed that concept way further since about 30 percent of the action and the plot is really in game. And, as opposed to South Park, we tried to tell a story that could actually happen in game. We spent days and weeks to make every action in the game as believable as we could. In this movie, you won't see anyone get to level cap by killing level 1 boars.

I think this is so important because not only online games but the whole online world will eventually become a fundamental part of human life. And the reason why there isn't really a decent movie about gaming yet is because filmmakers haven't tried to find ways to translate gaming into film (haven't seen Scott Pilgrim yet, though). We wanted to make a movie that gamers could watch while not constantly thinking, "Well, you'd never see that in the real game" but that people who don't play WoW could also watch and kinda get the idea of what gaming means to people that do it.