Destination Moon Behind-the-Scenes-Fotos

Destination Moon gilt als der erste moderne Science Fiction-Film, der zu Beginn des aufkommenden Space Race gedreht wurde. Aqua Velvet hat ein paar tolle Behind-the-Scenes-Fotos vom Dreh, ihr wisst schon, Astronauten an Schnüren auf einem Pappmaché-Mond.

The 1950 film Destination Moon was the first major American science fiction film dealing with the prospect of space travel and the potential problems and technology involved with the task. This classic movie was shot in Technicolor and produced by Hungarian-born American animator and film producer George Pal, who later produced When Worlds Collide (1951), The War of the Worlds (1953), and The Time Machine (1960).

These gorgeous black and white photographs were shot on the 1950 film set by LIFE photographer Allan Grant (1918-2008) who was responsible for an extensive amount of iconic imagery for the magazine.

Hier der Trailer auf Youtube und hier noch das Cartoon-Special zum Film mit Woody Woodpecker:

(Youtube Direktmoon, via Coudal)