The missing Unicorn of New York

22.11.2010 Misc #Unicorns

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In New York wird ein Einhorn vermisst, dass die Viecher auch immer einfach so abhauen. Das Ganze ist eine Aktion der Künstlerin Camomile Hixon, die mittlerweile ein paar Wellen schlägt.

“A unicorn is beyond race, beyond religion. I wanted something that could reach anyone at any age. I thought, if I could just make a handful of businessmen on Wall Street think about unicorns, I will be successful.”

So on Oct. 29, she and a team of friends hung 2,000 posters all around the city. By the next day, she’d received 350 phone calls.

She started a missing-unicorn hotline and a corresponding website On the website those who had seen the poster could upload photos of unicorns if they had seen one, or upload their thoughts about unicorns to a chat section.

Perhaps the most telling part of the website, in terms of the public reaction, are the voice recordings -- transcribed from her voicemail onto the site.

The messages reveal those who are frustrated, excited, or want to joke around.

“How would you have a unicorn in New York City? Your apartment is that big for you to have a unicorn?” asks one skeptical caller.

New Yorkers have played along with Hixon, as have interested parties worldwide. She’s received 3,200 phone calls and heard from people in 46 states and 43 countries.

Someone even sent in a picture of George Clooney in bed with a unicorn.

The history of unicorns and the case of one gone missing in New York City (via BB Submiterator)