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Pulp Fiction – The Chronological Cut

Arthur Reeder hat Quentin Tarantinos Opus Magnum in chronologischer Abfolge der Ereignisse zusammengeschnitten. Ich hab’ mir das Ding schon gezogen und der Cut ist professionell gemacht und schick, aber selbstverständlich geht eine Menge des Flairs des Originals dabei verloren, interessant ist das Ding hier aber mindestens. Dazu passend gab es vor einer ganzen Weile eine Pulp Fiction-Infografik, dieser Film ist die Bewegtbildvariante davon. Reeder schreibt auf seiner Website:

Five years ago I was watching Pulp Fiction with my friends and someone mentions that the story was hard to follow. I made the joke that I should re-edit the film into chronological order to make the story more coherent.

In November, released an article about record breaking torrent files. On the list was the
oldest torrent known to be still active: The.Matrix-ASCII.

I started to think about what it was that they were doing. Like my film, this film was a classic example of fair use. I have created a new work based on the work of Quentin Tarantino.

Armed with the original DVD, mencoder converted the film to a xvid/ac3 high resolution encoding. Kdenlive preserved the 5.1 surround sound during editing and when I was done, I had another
high resolution xvid/ac3. Using Avidemux, Kdenlive, The GIMP, Handbrake, and FFMPEG the film has been re-encoded to a Xvid for everyone to download.

Pulp Fiction – The Chronological Cut