Sasha Grey is Wonder Woman

Asylum hat Sasha Grey an Halloween in ein Wonder Woman-Kostüm gesteckt. Wer die Dame kennt, der weiß, warum das überaus passend ist. Außerdem plant sie tatsächlich ein Sasha Grey-Comic (WAAAAA! Nerd-Dreamcometrue!), steht auf Rorschach aus Watchmen und ihre liebste Superkraft wäre Mindcontrol. I'm so in love.

Grey is planning out a graphic novel (insert your "graphic" joke here) and lists "Watchmen," "Sandman," "Ghost World" and "American Splendor" as her favorites.

Long before she was known for rough sex, Grey was dreaming about the rock-'em, sock-'em action of Spawn, Hellblazer, Batman and the X-Men.

"I guess they're a bit fitting for my generation, and I easily gravitated toward them," she explains. "And they are all badasses!"

Fans of her star turn in "Star Trek XXX" are surely wondering why this hero of hardcore hasn't already brought ink to the adult world. Asked if she could portray any superhero, she suggests "Rorschach" -- the Watchmen's man with a morphing inkblot face who's unwavering in moral certitude.

Preferred special power? "Most likely mind control. Second choice would be invisibility."

Porn Star Sasha Grey Casts Herself As Wonder Woman for Halloween (via Marco)