Mummys as vintage Cannibal-Medicine

Was hat man in vergangenen Jahrhunderten mit Mumien gemacht, bevor man sie in der Moderne in Museen ausstellte? Man pulverisierte sie und verkaufte sie als Drogen: The Ancient Egyptian mummy as a drug. Mich würde interessieren, wieviele Spuren von Mumienresten man heute noch an Geldscheinen findet, if you know what I mean.

The fact that powdered embalmed corpse from Ancient Egypt has never been shown to have any curative or mind altering properties hasn’t prevented an enthusiasm for the substance which has lasted many thousands of years.

The demand for mummies as drugs apparently reached such heights that it inspired mass grave robbing and eventually fraud as traders decided it was more profitable to kill slaves, stuff them with bitumen and dry their bodies in the sun. The flesh was fraudulently sold as genuine ancient mummy.