Cyborg-Moth mindcontrolls Sex-Dance-Robot

(Youtube Direktmoth, via Gearfuse)

WTF?! Wissenschaftler am Tokyo Institute of Technology haben das Nervensystem einer männlichen Motte an einen Roboter angeschlossen. Genauer: Die Bereiche des Nervensystem, die dann aktiviert werden, wenn das Männchen ein Weibchen riecht und daraufhin seinen Begattungstanz aufführt. Die Cyborg-Motte macht nun dasselbe. Ein von einer Motte gesteuerter Mindcontrol-Roboter, der einen Insekten-Sextanz aufführt. Wait… what?

Cyborg moths are on the move, hier der Artikel dazu im New Scientist: Part moth, part machine: Cyborgs are on the move (muss man sich für registrieren… hab ich gemacht… ich meine, ey: ein von einer Motte gesteuerter Mindcontrol-Roboter, der einen Insekten-Sextanz aufführt! What the whating what?!)

A MALE silk moth gets a whiff of pheromones and begins a complex search pattern to track down a potential mate - a brief surge forward, an intricate zigzag, a sweeping loop. For this deluded moth there is no female to find, and its movements are enacted by a wheeled robot plugged into its lovesick brain.

This cyborg moth is the latest demonstration of how scientists coax complex behaviour from robots by tapping into the nervous systems of living organisms, co-opting algorithms that already exist in nature. "Biological organisms can solve problems that are too difficult for computer engineers," says Ferdinando Mussa-Ivaldi, a pioneer in the field at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

The mothborg's dance is a strategy to locate the source of the pheromone. Chemical plume tracking, as mathematicians call it, could prove very useful for sniffing out explosives. Programming machines to track a chemical plume efficiently is still too challenging, says mothborg creator Atsushi Takashima at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.