Artikel über einen professionellen Schul-Bescheißer

Der Chronicle hat einen langen und superspannenden Artikel von und über einen professionellen Schul-Bescheißer, der für Schüler und Studenten Abschlußarbeiten und Essays schreibt und damit zwar nicht reich wird, aber ein ziemlich gutes Auskommen hat: The Shadow Scholar – The man who writes your students' papers tells his story. (via Kottke)

In the past year, I've written roughly 5,000 pages of scholarly literature, most on very tight deadlines. But you won't find my name on a single paper.

I've written toward a master's degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and a handful of postgraduate credits in international diplomacy. I've worked on bachelor's degrees in hospitality, business administration, and accounting. I've written for courses in history, cinema, labor relations, pharmacology, theology, sports management, maritime security, airline services, sustainability, municipal budgeting, marketing, philosophy, ethics, Eastern religion, postmodern architecture, anthropology, literature, and public administration. I've attended three dozen online universities. I've completed 12 graduate theses of 50 pages or more. All for someone else.

You've never heard of me, but there's a good chance that you've read some of my work. I'm a hired gun, a doctor of everything, an academic mercenary. My customers are your students. I promise you that. Somebody in your classroom uses a service that you can't detect, that you can't defend against, that you may not even know exists.