The History of w00t!

15.11.2010 Misc #Language

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Schöner, sehr interessanter Artikel aus dem Jahr 2007 von Grant Barrett über die Wurzeln von w00t. Hat wohl eher nichts mit, wie oft angenommen, Onlinegames und Rollenspielen zu tun, sondern mit Hip Hop aus den 90s. Meh.

The most likely explanation, as is usually the case, is far simpler. Woot is, with some caveats, probably derived from and most likely popularized by the dance catch phrase of 1993, "whoot, there it is!" In clubs and on dance floors across the country, in half-time shows and in baseball stadiums, "whoot, there it is" and plain old "woot!" were shouted long and loud by millions. It was used by hype men at hip-hop shows, dancers and cheerleaders at ball games, DJs at discos, and probably by ball-callers at bingos.

If woot had any kind of real presence before the songs—as something other than the name of the publication from Atlantic City—it has not yet been found. As a clear-cut term of celebration or revelry, it simply did not show up in the trillions of words published before 1993 and currently archived online and in periodical databases. Even if it did exist and for some reason did not show up in print, the "whoot, there it is" dance catch phrase certainly reinforced any pre-existing usage. That all relevant citations for the term appear after 1993 supports this.

The Real History and Origin of Woot and w00t (via tywkiwdbi)