The abandoned Luxuxcars of Dubai

Dass in Dubai nach der Finanzkrise die Hilfskräfte fluchtartig das Land verließen und dabei ganze Wüstenabschnitte voller Mietwagen hinterließen, wusste ich. Dass das Land auch von vor sich hinrottenden Luxuskarossen nur so strotzt, konnte man sich denken und Bilder davon habe ich noch gar keine gesehen. There you go. Und ja, das ist ein roter Delorean, der da vor sich hingammelt.

Luxury cars worth hundreds of thousands of dirhams can be found gathering dust on roadsides across Dubai, the remnants of the city-state’s economic boom that was brought to an abrupt halt by the global financial crisis.

The financial crisis forced many companies to slash jobs and those made redundant who had taken advantage of easy credit during the boom found themselves unable to meet car payments... Dubai Municipality said 1,476 vehicles were recovered in the year to July 31, compared to 1,227 during the same period in 2008...

...Throughout Dubai there are dust-covered cars with violation notices stuck to the windscreens, warning the owners that their vehicles will be removed in 15 days. Once removed the municipality stores them at the Al-Qusais scrap yard.

In a sand pit in one affluent Dubai neighbourhood, the Springs, a Land Rover Discovery sits motionless covered in dust with "another one bites the dust" written on a grimy side window...

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