Daybrokes „Sabotage“-Video is a global Destruction-Rube Goldberg Machine

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Die Tricks in Daybrokes „Sabotage“-Video sind zwar nicht wirklich auf der Höhe, aber das ist furchtbar egal, denn es zeigt nix anderes als eine globale Destruction-Rube Goldberg Machine, total Mayhem und die Apocalypse ausgelöst durch einen Lautstärkeregler. Außerdem haben die Jungs sehr viel Foo Fighters gehört. Super! Nach dem Klick noch ein paar weitere Videos.

Dennis Coffey- F**k You
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Dennis Coffey is old school! He’s one of the original members from Motown’s house band ‘The Funk Brothers’ and is also one of the most well known guitarists in Detroit. He’s released some classic breakbeat material in the past such as ‘Theme From Black Belt Jones’ and has been sampled by everyone from Mf Doom to Pete Rock. Coffey has been back in the studio of late recording his new album which will be coming out in the new year on Strut Recordings and has released this teaser video which hosts a lot of Detroit natives and friends of Coffey ranging from drummer Melvin Davis to Mayer Hawthorne as he does a cheeky cover of Cee Lo’s Motown inspired song F**k You! Enjoy…

BURNS and Fred Falke - Y.S.L.M. (You Stopped Loving Me)

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Suuns- Up Past The Nursery

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The Muertos - B4NZ41

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Gruff Rhys – Shark Ridden Waters

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Bruno Merz - Serenade

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Bruno Merz - For You Now

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