Nzambi: Doku über Voodoo, Drogen und Zombies (jetzt komplett)

VBS hat in den vergangenen Tagen die restlichen Teile der Voodoo-Zombie-Doku „Nzambi“ rausgehauen, in der Hamilton Morris („unser hauseigener Bewusstseinserweiterer bereist den Globus auf der Suche nach dem perfekten High“) Wade Davis (Autor von „Die Schlange im Regenbogen“) interviewt, auf Haiti Voodoo-Rituale besucht und das Zombie-Gift auch selbst testet.

Nach dem Klick die nun also vollständige Doku in sechs Teilen, die ersten beiden Clips hatte ich schonmal hier gebloggt.

Teil 1

Inspired by Haitian tales of human reanimation, VBS correspondent Hamilton went on a mission to discover the truth about Haitian zombies. His mission began by visiting Wade Davis, an expert in the science of Haitian witchcraft and author of The Serpent and the Rainbow. Davis, a world renowned ethnobotanist, claims a living person can be turned into a zombie by two special powders entering the blood stream. After being briefed, Hamilton took off for Port-Au-Prince on a quest for the secret poisons and the truth about the living dead.

Teil 2

Hamilton arrives in Port-Au-Prince and checks in to the Adams Family mansion. There he meets his guide Alex, a man who survived fourteen bullets to the face. Together they attend a Vodou ceremony and watch a pig become an ambassador to the gods.

Teil 3

Hamilton is granted a meeting with the leader of the Bizangos, a Haitian secret society and beholder of the formula for zombification. Negotiations are made and a local Bokor agrees to create a nzambi—for a price.

Teil 4

While waiting to consult another Bokor, Hamilton recruits Haitian guides to help him fetch the ingredients to create a zombie of his own.

Teil 5

Hamilton goes to meet a new bokor deep in the rice fields of Artibonite. To prove his strength, Hamilton takes a large dose of zombie powder and is rewarded with a peak inside a zombie’s shed.

Teil 6

For a high price, Hamilton procures a sample of the zombie powder and its mysterious antidote. He returns home to subject both to extensive chemical analysis.