Inside a P2P-Movies-Release-Group

TorrentFreak hat ein ziemlich interessantes Interview mit einem ehemaligen Mitglied einer Movies-Release-Group und er spricht über Motivation, Geld und den (ziemlich aufwändigen) Prozess der Herstellung eines popeligen Cam-Ripps.

TF: Could you tell a bit more about the process that’s involved from the theater to a pre-ready release?

SC: A cammer will go to a theater and retrieve a print. Ideally, he is wanting to see the whole frame of the film – cropping can be done afterwards. Ideally he is sitting centered, mid level/back level, with an unobstructed view. Another very important factor is the camera doesnt move – ideally sitting stationary 100% of the release.

The next process is removing the watermarks. Ideally this is done by several individuals looking over the print, tagging the dots, and checking with each other. After a few good guys look it over you can be pretty sure you got most of them.

Former Movie Piracy Scene Member Speaks Out