Star Wars-Planetarium in a Death Star

Ein Star Wars-Planetarium, das wahlweise unseren Nachthimmel oder die Star Wars-Galaxis an die Wände wirft und in einem Todesstern sitzt. Gibt's ab Mitte November bei Think Geek. WANT! Und wo wir grade bei Want sind: Im Star Wars-Shop gibt's eine Bronzebüste von Darth Vader in Ralph McQuarries Design aus den Concept Arts für läppische 1500 Dollar.

If our planetarium featured Star Wars, we are sure that even the makeout couple would have unlocked faces long enough to stare into the sea of stars and planets. There's Naboo! And Dagobah! And Alderaan! Let's face it, we feel closer to these locations than we'll ever feel to our next-planet-neighbors Venus and Mars. But just in case you want some real educational value out of this Death Star, there's a second dome that shows the night sky of Earth, constellations and all.

Death Star Planetarium (via Coudal)