Vintage Voodoo-Party vs. Hitler

Im Januar 1941 haben sich ein paar Irre in einer einsamen Hütte in den Wäldern von Maryland zu einer Party getroffen, auf der sie Hitler umbringen wollten. Mit Voodoo. Im Bild links sticht eine Dame namens Ruth Davis einer Hitler-Puppe die Augen aus: „Nails in eyes induce insomnia,“ LIFE reported. „As she jabs, Ruth Davis croons: 'Burn Hitler's eyes! Keep them open night and day! Kill his rest!'“

"On the wet windy evening of January 22, a youthful band of idealists went to a lonely cabin in the Maryland woods." Thus begins one of the odder stories LIFE magazine ever published -- a straightforward, tongue-nowhere-near-cheek account of a 1941 "hex party" convened with one aim in mind: "to kill Adolf Hitler by voodoo incantation." According to LIFE, the party featured "a dressmaker's dummy, a Nazi uniform, nails, axes, tom-toms and plenty of Jamaica rum," and was inspired by a book by occultist and writer William Seabrook that was popular at the time: Witchcraft: Its Power in the World Today.

Putting a Hex on Hitler, 1941 (via Clockworker)