TrustoCorps New Americana-Exhibition

Die TrustoCorp, das waren die mit den lustigen Fake-Schildern und dem Shopdropping von seltsamen Produkten, haben eine Ausstellung in der Gallery88 am Start, die am Wochenende eröffnete. Im Vorfeld haben sie ein paar ihrer Fake-Produkte in Supermärkten in Los Angeles geschmuggelt, Bilder davon hier und hier, DailyDuJour hat eine schöne Galerie voller Fotos der Ausstellung: Seen: Trustocorp — ‘New Americana’, hier alle Arbeiten auf der Website von G88. (via Superpunch)

Ich mag ja den Boombox-Einkaufswagenbuggy.

Street art collective Trustocorp opened their first LA solo, ‘New Americana’, on Saturday evening at Gallery 1988. The weekend-only show highlights the clever design, political wit, and social insight that has made Trustocorp one to watch since their debut at last year’s Art Basel Miami. ‘New Americana’ explores the changing culture of America through Trustocorp’s signature faux street signs and several large paintings which employ multiple panels to represent multiple perspectives of key social issues. The group also presented a store display featuring a selection of classic as well as several new faux products ($20 – $50) including Frosted Faith, American Pride, Obesitea, and Medicade.

Rounding out the art within the gallery, Trustocorp teamed up with Klipsch and DJ Fred Wreck on a wild golden urban shopping cart complete with massive speaker, remote control hydraulics and yes, even ground effect lighting.

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