Bioshocks Rapture recreated in Minecraft

(Youtube Direktbioshock, via Waxy)

Zwölf Minuten-Rundgang durch Bioshocks Rapture, nachgebaut in Minecraft von der Penny Arcade Community, hier Teil Zwei mit nochmal weiteren 10 Minuten. Mind = Blown.

I just want to emphasize that all of the construction on the map is done by hand. Nothing was editor'd in. Admins and mods on the main build server do spawn blocks for people when needed, but only for things that can't otherwise by regularly attained such as ice blocks or lava. If they want any gold, diamond, rock, whatever, that is regularly available in the map, it's up to the player to get it.

For the record, these two videos only walk through about 2/3rds of what we've built down here. :P

We've set up a mirror version of our build server where you guys can come and wander around Rapture, if you want. Build privileges are disabled! The IP is