Rickroll in Space

(Youtube Direktrick)

Die Jungs von Zuk.com haben einen Wetterballon ins All geschickt und den Planeten gerickrollt. Rick Astley in Space.

Launching Rick Astley into space sounds simple, until you try to do it. Our plan was:

- Launch the balloon, which would travel to the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere, blaring the dreadful song to the inhabitants of Earth, while taking pictures and video.

- Eventually, the helium would expand so much that the balloon would burst, plummeting back to earth, like Rick Astley's career.

- With luck, a GPS transmitter would relay where it landed, hopefully not in an ocean or prison yard. We expected winds and altitude to land the balloon many miles away from where it launched, which is why we needed to pick our launch site carefully: far away from major cities, highways, or classified military bases.

First Rickroll in Space (via Technabob)