Inside a Chip-Manufactory

20.10.2010 Misc Tech #Hardware

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Wired hat eine schöne Tour (mit leider viel zu wenigen Bildern) durch den Reinraum (Wikipedia) des Maydan Technology Center von Applied Materials. So sieht meine Wohnung auch aus, on every fucking single day. Not.

A single dust particle from your hair is all it takes to ruin a CPU that might sell for $500, so companies are eager to minimize how often that happens.

Wired/com recently toured Applied Materials' Maydan Technology Center, a state-of-the-art clean room in Santa Clara, California, where Applied develops and tests its machines.

Its 39,000 square feet of ultraclean workspace equals about 81 yards of a football field, and is divided into three huge "ballrooms," each of which is crammed full of Applied's multimillion-dollar machines, alongside pipes, tubes, spare parts, tanks of caustic chemicals, Craftsman tool chests and huge racks of silicon wafers. To get inside, you must suit up in a bunny suit, with a face mask and goggles, two pairs of gloves, and shoe-covering footies. We couldn't even take a reporter's notebook inside: Instead, Applied's staff gave us a shrink-wrapped, specially sanitized clean-room notebook and clean-room pen to use.

A Chip Is Born: Inside a State-of-the-Art Clean Room (via Interweb3000)