Duke Nukem: Next Gen offiziell lizensiert, kommt gratis

„Duke Nukem: Next Gen“ ist ein Update von Duke Nukem 3D basierend auf der Unreal Engine 3, entwickelt von Fans. Und Gearbox, die tatsächlich bald Duke Nukem Forever rausbringen, haben das Ding offiziell lizensiert und werden es für lau als Download anbieten. Awesome!

Duke Nukem: Next-Gen (DNNG), is the codename (Not final title), for at new Re-vision of Duke Nukem 3D. Duke Nukem 3D, if the game was made today. DNNG uses Unreal Engine 3 technology to achieve the graphics expected for a next-gen title.

The final game will include both a 3 Episode Singleplayer campaign, and a full fledged Multiplayer Component, and will be released free to everyone - NO other games required. […]

I contacted George Brussard and Scott Miller, to start a conversation about the project - The shots managed to convice Scott Miller to a certain degree - But the project was only doable if Take-Two would approve it.

Thinking that Gearbox might have a better relationship to Take-Two, than 3Drealms, i contacted AdamF, who passed me through to PJ Putnam, Vice President and General Counsel of Gearbox Software.

Luckily Gearbox was interested in supporting the project, which resulted in a personal non-commercial license to Duke Nukem.

Fan-made Duke 3D Unreal Engine 3 update is now officially licensed, Link zum Duke-Forumsthread auf der Website von Gearbox.

(Youtube Direktduke, via Geekosystem)