A History of the Phantom Penis

Must-Read-Artikel des Tages: Mindhacks über Phantom-Penisse, die nach der Amputation des Johannes auftreten, ziemlich oft als Ständer daherkommen und – naja – meistens tatsächlich „wankable“ sind, quasi. Wichsbare Phantom-Penisse. Jeez.

Among the most cited publications is one by Boston surgeon A. Price Heusner (1950) containing two case studies. His first case was an elderly man whose penis was “accidently traumatized and amputated,” and who “was intermittently aware of a painless but always erect penile ghost whose appearances were neither provoked nor provokable by sexual phantasies” (Heusner, 1950, p. 129). This man had to look under his clothes to be sure that his penis was, in fact, absent. […]

This new historical study shows that there were actually many reports of phantom penises in the 18th Century medical literature that have previously been overlooked. These include reports from some of the most important doctors of the time, and indeed, some of the most important in history. This included the Scottish surgeon and anatomist John Hunter who reported on what can only be described as phantom wanking.

A history of the phantom penis