State of the Obvious

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Schönes Projekt von Mash Creative: State of the Obvious. (via Diskursdisko)

With consumerism at an all time high and brand image playing an ever more important role in consumers buying choices, we felt an overwhelming desire to challenge what has become The Norm.
At Mash Creative we believe there is a niche in the market for a collection of products which turns conventional branding on its head. S/O/T/O (State of the Obvious) is a range of merchandise and apparel which does just that. As the name may suggest, the collection consists of branded items which State the Obvious. S/O/T/O uses the products description to create a unique brand identity.
The collection currently consists of Tote Bags, Notebooks, Mugs, T-Shirts and Posters. Each product is supplied with custom branded packaging (selected resellers) which utilises the S/O/T/O theme - This is my Mug Box, This is my Degradable Polythene Postal Bag for example.

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