Alexander Støver aka Binaerpilot hat ein Pro-Piracy-Album aufgenommen (das er mit Flattr finanziert hat), das es hier für lau runterladen kann (man darf aber auch bezahlen, wenn man will).

Der erste Track des Albums ist aXXo gewidmet, der Torrent-Legende, die von 2005 bis 2009 für die besten Filmtorrents im Netz stand, von TorrentFreak:

Aside from publicly showing his appreciation for a DVD-ripper like aXXo, Alexander has been very vocal about how piracy is affecting the music industry.

“I’ll sum it up for you,” he wrote in a blog post on the topic. “It’s not hurting the artists, it’s hurting the industry behind the artists. And that is, in my opinion, the beauty of it; Contrary to what they want you to believe, piracy is (if anything) saving music, because it’s bringing a corrupt and exploitative machine down to its knees.”

As an artist, Alexander personally has very little to worry about illegal downloads, since he’s not charging for his music in the first place. Instead of complaining about the lack of income from music sales, he attributes most of his success to the people who are sharing his work for free.

“I’ve never charged a dime for any of my music, but thanks to the internet I’m making a fair amount of money through donations and ad revenue. Money I never would have seen if it wasn’t for so-called pirates downloading and uploading my music,” Alexander says.

Musician Mourns aXXo’s Absence, Defends Piracy, hier der Song (MP3)

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